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You’re on a journey to a healthy mouth and a smile makeover!

We want your smile to be as attractive and healthy as it ought to be, so that you can convey a confident and positive message every time you meet with people.

And we’re moving alongside you...

Your smile is among the first things that people notice. Your smile tells a lot about you as a person. It radiates confidence, shows affection, reveals your sense of humor, and brightens your entire face. 

At Teeth In Fashion, our mission is to provide you with meaningful information on ways to improve your dental and oral health, and that of your loved ones as well. 

We help you slice through the confusion with direct, well-reviewed, and verified information — so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

Helping you own your oral wellbeing!

Teeth in Fashion researches and writes about a wide range of problems in the oral health, from general dentistry to family dentistry to pediatric dentistry. 

Keep in mind that our content and any products on display are for informational purposes only. Teeth in Fashion does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

You must consult your dentist or dental hygienist or other dental professional before starting on any dental/oral treatment. 


Our Team

We have a young team comprising community oral health officers (COHO) and researchers, who work together to dental issues in the community, research them, and then share our newly acquired knowledge. This project is partly to inform the public and reduce stigma on dental care, and partly to expand our skills and know-how in the field of dentistry. 


COHO/Lead Writer

Community oral health officer


Dr. Fred V.


Health care professional, former executive in dental industry.
Alumni of Barts Health Education Academy.




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