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Lilly, aka, Liza Lee, is a passionate community oral health officer and our lead writer. She's not only well-versed in performing a multitude of dental procedures, including preventive, restorative, and cosmetic, but also an avid writer. Driven by the significant oral health burden all around her, Lilly strives to build capacity and promote oral health. She envisions making a lasting impact by advancing research, prevention, and promotion efforts to alleviate oral health disparities. Please share your views and opinions on my posts.

Problems with veneers

Problems with veneers

Dental veneers, hailed as a go-to cosmetic remedy for achieving radiant smiles, are celebrated for their ability to enhance aesthetics and provide enduring results. Yet, this seemingly flawless solution is not immune to problems. When placed, designed, or cared for improperly, dental veneers can introduce a spectrum of issues, compromising both the visual appeal and functional integrity […]

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Why do veneers look so big

Why do veneers look so big?

The transformative power of veneers in achieving a radiant smile is undeniable, offering a solution to mask imperfections and enhance dental aesthetics. However, the quest for the perfect smile can occasionally encounter a peculiar challenge – the perception that newly placed veneers appear unnaturally large once the initial numbness subsides. Veneers, although often perceived as bulky, are

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Veneers ruined my teeth

Veneers ruined my teeth

Veneers can beautifully transform a flawed smile. But what happens when instead of enhancing your teeth, these facade covers end up ruining teeth instead? Unfortunately, in some cases dental veneers result in significant tooth damage rather than improvement. Though veneers beautifully mask tooth imperfections with a flawless facade, danger lurks if fragile underlying tooth structure

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