Best denture soaking solution

Maintaining complete denture hygiene is imperative for the oral health of edentulous patients (people with all missing teeth). However, it can be challenging for denture wearers to find the most effective form of denture cleansing solution.

The available cleaning methods can be classified into chemical or mechanical, or sometimes a combination of both.

The most commonly used mechanical methods are brushing with dentifrice or neutral soap and use of ultrasonic devices. The chemical methods involve soaking dentures in chemical products, such as sodium perborate and sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloride, phosphoric and benzoic acids, chlorhexidine digluconate, alkaline peroxides, and enzymes, like proteases and mutanases.

Best denture soaking solution

Denture Cleaner Ingredients: Sodium Hypochlorite vs. Alkaline Peroxide

Although alkaline peroxide solutions are widely used for controlling plaque on dentures, many users argue that they’re mostly useful when used as an adjunct method for brushing, and may not provide significant benefits to wearers already practicing good denture maintenance habits, such as regular brushing and overnight removal.

On the other hand, sodium hypochlorite solutions have been identified as effective chemical agents for denture hygiene. In fact, clinical trials supporting this argument claim that immersion in a 0.5% sodium hypochlorite solution results in significantly lower plaque percentage than alkaline peroxide.

This implies that sodium hypochlorite denture soaking solutions are the best for any denture wearer looking to improve their oral hygiene.

Key Features of Sodium Hypochlorite Denture Solutions

Concentration – The strength of the hypochlorite solution is should be taken into account because high concentrations can cause adverse effects the materials used in dentures.

Safe and Effective – Studies have found that a 0.5% sodium hypochlorite solution is efficient in removing plaque from dentures. In fact, studies have found it to be more effective than other cleaning products like enzyme solutions or Corega tabs, in addition to the fact that it’s used for a shorter time.

Powerful Cleaning Action – The hypochlorite ions have a wide-ranging effect, making them more effective at removing plaque from dentures compared to peroxide-based solutions.

9 Best denture soaking solutions

1. Dentural Max Solution 250ml for Cleaner Whiter Dentures

With its unique combination of sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide, Dentural provides powerful deep cleaning, tough stain removal, and overnight whitening benefits, making it a reliable choice for daily anti-bacterial cleaning.

  • This solution can be used with both full and partial dentures, offering versatility to users.
  • Dentural provides two cleaning options: the overnight max clean or the quick deep clean, accommodating different cleaning needs.

When used as directed, Dentural is safe for daily cleaning. However, it’s essential to avoid contact with eyes, skin, and swallowing as it can cause irritation.

2. Dr. B Dental Solutions Cleanadent Dental Wipes

The Dr. B Dental Solutions Cleanadent Dental Wipes offer a practical and reliable solution for cleaning dentures, dental prosthetics, and the mouth while on the go.

  • They remove denture adhesive, food debris, stains, and odor, making eating with dentures hassle-free.
  • Individually packaged for easy portability, these moist wipes are perfect for use at restaurants, the office, or any other place.
  • Developed by a dentist, these wipes have earned the ADA seal of acceptance, assuring their effectiveness and safety.
  • The innovative formula combines natural remedies like Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, and Tea Tree Oil with essential Vitamins A, D & E to ensure effective cleaning, soothing, and moisturizing of the mouth.
  • The Cleanadent Wipes effectively clean dentures, partial dentures, implant bridges, snap-ons, orthodontic appliances, dental sleep appliances, and airway devices.

Use your finger and the Cleanadent Wipe after meals to feel clean and refreshed in just minutes.

3. Polident Denture Cleanser Effervescent Tablets

Polident 3 Minute Triple Mint Antibacterial Denture Cleanser Effervescent Tablets offer a quick and fresh denture clean in just 3 minutes.

  • The formula is specially designed to dissolve quickly, allowing the cleaning and freshening agents to work immediately, killing 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria.
  • Have a non-abrasive formula, ensuring a gentle clean without scratching denture materials. This leaves fewer places for odor-causing bacteria to grow, promoting a clean and fresh smile all day long.
  • These effervescent tablets are not only suitable for dentures but also for retainers, mouth guards, sport guards, and night guards.
  • Using Polident 3 Minute Denture Cleanser is simple: drop one tablet into warm water, soak dentures or dental appliances for 5 minutes, then rinse for a clean and minty fresh result.

Regular use of Polident helps maintain good oral health and keeps your smile feeling fresh.

4. Smile Again Denture Cleaner

With its high concentration formula, Smile Again not only cleans oral devices but also helps maintain their longevity. It is particularly renowned for its ability to tackle tough stains caused by coffee, tea, iron, nicotine, calcium, and calculus on dentures, leaving them looking and feeling new without the need for bleach or chlorine.

  • It reduces mouth film buildup, eliminates odors, and removes plaque and stains without compromising the integrity of your oral appliance, ensuring they remain in top-notch condition.
  • Simply dissolve the mint-flavored cleaning crystals packet in warm water, soak your dental appliance for 20 minutes, and then rinse under running water. For even greater cleaning efficiency, a brush and ultrasonic bath can be used.
  • Specially formulated to clean and disinfect all types of dental appliances effectively, including dentures, clear aligners, retainers, mouth guards, and night guards.

With its powerful stain-removing capabilities and gentle yet effective cleaning action, Smile Again ensures your dental appliances look and feel fresh for extended periods.

5. Polident Partials Denture Cleanser

Polident’s powerful formulation kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria, ensuring optimal oral hygiene from soaking your dentures.

  • The non-corrosive formulation is specifically designed to be gentle yet effective on metal partial surfaces, keeping them in excellent shape without causing any damage.
  • Gentle cleaning action that makes them perfect for daily use.
  • Using Polident for Partials Denture Cleanser is easy. Simply drop a cleanser tablet into warm water, soak overnight, and then brush gently with a soft brush for the best results. Rinse thoroughly, and you’re ready to go.

Polident guarantees quality and effectiveness. Dentists trust Polident to provide the perfect combination of protection and cleaning power. Say goodbye to worries about damage to your partial surfaces – every clean is worry-free.

6. Fresh ‘n Brite Denture Cleaning Paste

Featuring a unique combination of paste and minty gel, Fresh ‘n Brite is an innovative denture paste that effectively removes tough stains caused by coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco, restoring your dentures’ brightness.

  • Fresh ‘n Brite Denture Cleaning Paste features two layers that work together to provide both freshness and brightness for your dentures.
  • Endorsed by the American Dental Association (ADA) Council on Scientific Affairs when used as directed.
  • For best results, use it twice daily (morning and night) or after meals. Apply the paste to a denture brush or toothbrush, brush all surfaces thoroughly, and rinse with warm water.

Fresh ‘n Brite Denture Cleaning Paste delivers a powerful cleaning action with a refreshing minty touch.

7. Efferdent Retainer Cleaning Tablets

With Efferdent’s Overnight Clean Antibacterial Cleaner Tablets, you get a powerful overnight clean that eliminates stubborn stains even in hard-to-reach places, giving your dental appliances a fresh and renewed look.

  • Gentle and non-abrasive cleaning action, effectively fighting plaque buildup and removing odor-causing bacteria without causing harm.
  • In just 3 minutes, Efferdent Overnight Whitening Retainer Cleaner Tablets kill 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria, ensuring your dental appliances are ready to use when you need them.
  • Efferdent cleans a wide range of dental appliances, including retainers, full-plate dentures, partials, aligners, and more, making it a versatile solution for all your oral care needs.
  • The first denture and retainer cleaning tablet brand accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA)

Efferdent Retainer Cleaning Tablets’ gentle and non-abrasive formula ensures your dental appliances stay in top condition.

8. ProTech Denture Cleaner

Whether you have dentures, clear aligners, retainers, mouth guards, or night guards, ProTech is specially formulated to clean all oral devices effectively. Its high concentration formula ensures longevity and cleanliness.

  • ProTech’s denture cleaner is tough on stains but gentle on your oral appliances. With no bubbles, bleach, or chlorine
  • Easy to use. Simply stir the mint-flavored cleaning crystals in warm water, let the solution dissolve for three minutes, soak your dental appliance for 20 minutes, and rinse under running water.
  • For enhanced cleaning, a brush and ultrasonic bath can be used.

ProTech Denture Cleaner is your ultimate solution for removing tough stains from dentures and other oral appliances.

9. iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

iSonic F3900 is a true ultrasonic denture cleaner, renowned as the most effective and popular system in the market. Use it with iSonic Ultrasonic Denture Cleaning Powder (CSDW01) for professional-grade results that surpass dental office cleanings. The combination effortlessly removes tough stains from tobacco, coffee, food, and more.

  • Compact and user-friendly, the iSonic F3900 boasts a 5-minute auto shutoff feature and a single button operation.
  • It comfortably accommodates regular-sized upper and lower dentures, partials, retainers (e.g., Invisalign), night guards, and mouth guards.
  • The secret to its effectiveness lies in cavitations – millions of tiny air bubbles that collapse and create mini vacuums, effectively suctioning off debris. This gentle yet powerful cleaning action reaches crevices and holes where brushes can’t, avoiding costly damages from physical brushing.
  • Daily use ensures excellent disinfection.

For unparalleled denture cleaning at home, the iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner is a clear winner. Its genuine ultrasonic cleaning power, ease of use, and ability to deliver professional results make it an essential addition to any dental appliance care routine.

Final Thoughts

0.5% sodium hypochlorite solution is a reliable and cost effective overnight denture cleaning solution, serving as an auxiliary agent to the mechanical method of brushing. That said, you can try other cleaning solutions discussed above for shorter soaking requirements. Their efficacy and ease of use make any of them a valuable addition to denture hygiene practices.



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