Best mouthwash for periodontal disease

Best mouthwash for periodontal disease

Dealing with periodontal disease requires a comprehensive approach that goes beyond just brushing. Incorporating an effective antiseptic mouthwash into your oral care routine can significantly contribute to controlling harmful bacteria and reducing inflammation. Periodontitis, a severe form of gum disease, demands more than just regular brushing. It involves inflammation and infection that affect the tissues supporting teeth, potentially …

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Pros and cons of mouthwash with alcohol

Best alcohol free mouthwash for gums (Pros and cons of mouthwash with alcohol)

Mouthwashes have long been recognized as valuable tools in the prevention and treatment of various oral and oropharyngeal diseases, ranging from gingivitis to more severe inflammatory conditions like periodontitis. These formulations often incorporate a range of therapeutically active ingredients, such as essential oils, chlorhexidine, fluoride, potassium nitrate, and benzydamine, each designed to address specific oral health …

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Medicated mouthwash for gums

Medicated mouthwash for gums

The choices we make regarding toothpastes and mouthwashes are influenced by a variety of factors, including marketing campaigns, commercials, and brand names that promise dazzling smiles and oral health benefits. While these promotions shape our expectations, it’s important to recognize that the primary factor in effective oral hygiene is establishing a proper brushing technique and …

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Does mouthwash help gums

Does mouthwash help gums?

Oral health is intricately linked to your overall well-being, making it an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So, if you find yourself at higher risk of tender, inflamed gums – a condition called gingivitis – your dentist may recommend adding mouthwash to your regular oral hygiene routine to help strengthen your gums. However, mouthwashes that …

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Is listerine good for gum disease

Is listerine good for gum disease?

Walk down any drugstore aisle and you’ll see LISTERINE® touted as “the mouthwash brand dentists recommend most.”  Listerine is a widely recognized brand of mouthwash that offers a variety of formulations targeting different oral care needs, including gum health. But is this popular oral rinse an effective way to manage or prevent gum disease? Generally, swishing …

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Hydrogen peroxide for gum infection

Hydrogen peroxide for gum infection

Hydrogen peroxide, a familiar household item, has been known for its diverse applications, from cleaning wounds to bleaching laundry to teeth whitening. Yet, did you know that hydrogen peroxide is also used for maintaining oral health? Hydrogen peroxide is a clear liquid chemical compound that serves as a powerful disinfectant. Its versatile uses range from sterilizing …

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Necrotizing periodontal disease

Necrotizing periodontal disease

You may have heard the term “necrotizing periodontal disease” (NPD) used to describe severe gum infections leading to destruction of periodontal tissues. But what exactly is necrotizing periodontal disease, what causes it, and how is it treated? To begin with, the term “Necrosis” is used in medicine to describe the premature death of cells or tissues in …

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Products for gum disease

Products for gum disease

Maintaining optimal oral hygiene is essential for preventing and managing gum disease. Healthy gums are the foundation of strong teeth and a beautiful smile. Combating gum disease requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses proper brushing technique with the right toothbrush, effective flossing, mouthwash, and tongue cleaning. So if you’re looking for some products to help improve your oral hygiene, …

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