Content Integrity

At TeethinFashion, we prioritize the editorial integrity of our dental/oral hygiene content. This means setting strict standards around how we create content, how we choose products to cover, how we evaluate brand partners, how we use language, and how we approach representation, inclusivity, and historical context within our content.

Content creation

The TeethinFashion team is committed to bringing you accurate, trustworthy, and unbiased oral care information. Each piece of content is developed by our in-house editorial team in partnership with qualified reviewers and fact checkers.

Product selection

We know trust is earned, so we’re happy to share more about how TeethinFashion evaluates and selects the products we cover in our content. We aim to create content that is balanced and objective. To this end, we maintain a healthy separation between our editorial and business teams throughout the content creation process for product reviews, product roundups, and articles with shopping links to ensure that our content is editorially independent. 

Brand and product vetting 

We strive to maintain our content’s integrity and excellence by ensuring the companies we work with are companies we can stand behind. We put the brands we work with through a rigorous process of vetting prior to including them in our content. Individual products chosen by the editorial teams go through a similar vetting process to confirm brand integrity and product safety.

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