Dentures That Make You Look Younger

Dentures help to replace missing teach and improve your smile, and in the process, change your appearance. Having teeth can alter the appearance of your facial features, especially if you had lost most of your natural teeth. However, those changes should always make you look better. As such, you should work closely with your dentist to create custom-made dentures that perfectly match your mouth and face, get them relined every 2 years, and changed every 5-7 years.

How dentures change your face

The jawbone starts to develop in the fetus stage, and is largely initiated by the presence and development of tooth buds, which later develop into baby teeth, and then adult teeth. This means that the jawbone cannot develop in the absence of either baby or adult teeth, and the close relationship between facial bone and teeth continues throughout life.

Teeth transmit tensile and compressive forces to the underneath bone. So, when you lose a tooth, the absence of stimulation to its supporting bone causes its volume and density to decrease. In fact, up to 25 percent bone loss occurs in the first year after tooth loss, and continues with age. However, installing removable dentures may not necessarily reduce bone loss significantly. So, many dentists recommend the use of implant-supported dentures, since the implants can continue to stimulate the bone tissue to stop bone loss and preserve your facial features.

What are facelift dentures?

The moment you lose your natural teeth, your face begins to age rapidly. Fortunately, installing fitting dentures helps your facial appearance to remain the same, at first. But as soon as you start using your dentures like your normal teeth, which is basically after you leave the dentist’s office, the bone that supported your natural teeth begins the process of resorption or disappearing, causing your facial appearance to collapse.

As the bone disappears, the distance between your nose and chin (vertical dimension) continues to increase, accelerating the ageing process. At the same time, the lips continue to flatten, causing little vertical wrinkles (ragades) to form, along with labiomental folds (wrinkles on the sides of your lips). Without properly fitting dentures to provide sufficient support to your lips and cheeks, the proportions of your face become unbalanced, your facial muscles sag downwards, your features begin to collapse, and you can look older than your years.

You should consider getting dentures if you are dealing with the loss of facial structure as a result of tooth loss. Making a consultation appointment with a prosthodontist is the first step in assessing whether dentures are the best solution for you. The prosthodontist will conduct a thorough evaluation during your initial appointment to decide whether dentures are the best tooth replacement choice for you. Next, your prosthodontist will create and fit a set of custom dentures that will restore both function and facial structure.

Facelift dentures: before and after pictures

If you’ve been living with gaps left behind by missing teeth, getting dentures can change your life. Technology advancements have made it possible to buy dentures that both look and work properly. When you have a cost effective replacement alternative, there is no reason to keep dealing with the effects of tooth loss. Make an appointment with a prosthodontist to find out if you should have dentures or another kind of tooth replacement.

A well-made set of dentures can help you get back to eating normally and living your life to the fullest, as shown in the photos and video below:

Dentures Ruined My Life – Don’t Be a Victim!

To prevent ageing signs from bone loss, and maintain your facial structure, dentures must be relined every two years. To compensate for the shrinking bone structure, the dentist adds new plastic to the inside of your existing denture, so the dentures remain tight and stable. After 5-7 years, dentures should be replaced depending on the condition of your gums and bone tissue.

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