Elderly dentures
Wearing Loose Dentures in Elderly
Full denture wearers often experience loose dentures, especially among the elderly or folks who’ve worn...
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Walk-in denture repair: Annual Checkups for Dentures?
If you wear complete or partial dentures, you should know how important it is to follow the personal...
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How to care for dentures when not in use
Dentures usually feel strange when you start wearing them, but you soon get used to talking, chewing,...
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Denture hygiene instructions: Will dentures increase my risk for oral health problems?
Dentures are one of the treatments used to replace missing teeth and help restore your smile. But even...
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Dangers of not wearing dentures
Good fitting and well-cared for dentures can be worn with confidence to enhance your appearance as you...
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Eating with dentures for the first time
New denture wearers are excited to eat their favorite things again, such as corn on the cob, steak, and...
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Dentures in your 20s and 30s
If you have lost all your teeth, or are about to lose them, then you are a candidate for dentures regardless...
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Home Remedies For Loose Dentures
False teeth are a necessity for people who are missing natural teeth. Unfortunately, many wearers have...
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What causes excess saliva with dentures?
Because a denture is perceived by the body as a foreign object in the mouth, it is not unusual for first-time...
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Dentures That Make You Look Younger
Dentures help to replace missing teach and improve your smile, and in the process, change your appearance....
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How should a partial denture fit?
Depending on the condition of your dental health, you may need to wear dentures at one time to improve...
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Snap on Overdentures on Natural Teeth
Snap on overdenture on natural teeth (source: InnovaDental) Overdentures are removable tooth replacement...
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How long does it take to get dentures? An Introduction to Nesbit and Cu Sil Partial Dentures
Dentures are removable replacements to your natural teeth that can be removed and placed back into your...
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implant retained denture
4-tooth Implant bridge: implant supported dentures pictures
Compared to regular dentures that rely on tissues and suction to keep them in place, implant retained...
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