How to get a gold tooth cap

Dentists have used gold tooth caps over the years as the preferred metal for dental crowning, either as a single tooth cap or for multiple teeth crowning. Its cost is not much different from other dental materials like porcelain, but its unique properties make it a great option for reinforcing the structure of teeth affected by decay, cracks, chips, or some other form of damage, as well as for cosmetic purposes for some people.

In Europe, Asia, and a few other parts of the world, gold tooth caps are worn as a mark of opulence. Originally, they were the highest priced dental prosthetic in history, but are now one of the many ways that people with damaged teeth can restore and save them.

How to get a gold tooth cap

Types of gold teeth caps

All gold restorations are made from gold alloyed with other metals, including white gold tooth caps. In fact, the actual gold content in a single gold tooth cap may be as low as 5%, or as high as 90%. The problem with gold in its pure form is that it is too soft to withstand the rigors of functioning in the mouth. When mixed with other metals, the gold alloy gains additional strength to be usable in your mouth.

The most popular gold restorations are the high-noble alloys that consist of 60% gold, and other precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium. These metals are used because of their resistance to oxidation and corrosion, as well as their low-reactivity with human tissue.

Benefits of gold in dentistry 

Gold has a long history in dentistry for good reason. Here are some of its benefits:

  1. It has the least reactivity of all metals used in the mouth, which makes it very durable
  2. Gold is very gentle on the opposing teeth, which makes it a great option for molars in patients who grind or clench habitually, or those with a heavy bite.
  3. The strength and durability of gold persists even when it is thin, which allows for more conservative crown preparations, as well as the preservation of more healthy tooth structure.
  4. Gold complements glass ionomer cements, which many patients find to be far less sensitive than the bonding techniques needed for full-porcelain crowns.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a permanent gold tooth cap fitted?

When fitting a gold dental crown, patients can choose one of two options, the first one being permanent gold tooth caps. Your dentist will recommend gold caps only on decayed or broken tooth, with the crown being placed in such a manner that it is not visible when smiling. This makes gold tooth caps more common for back teeth, though they can also be placed on front teeth as a user preference. For instance, it’s quite common to find people with a gold canine tooth cap, which is both functional and perhaps aesthetic for them.

How do removable gold tooth caps work?

Many people prefer this type of dental crown because it can be managed effectively. Removable gold caps clip onto the teeth like a mouth guard or mouthpiece. They are typically worn as a temporary decoration or jewelry, rather than for dental treatment.

Who can use fake gold tooth caps?

Despite the many benefits of fake gold tooth caps, it may not necessarily be the best dental treatment for every damaged tooth or individual patient. From an aesthetic standpoint, many patients prefer not to use gold for any procedures performed on the front teeth, unless they want it to be viewed as a sign of wealth – meaning it’s worn as a removable cap. This is why they are primarily used to restore premolars and molars. Some patients are also sensitive to gold crowns, meaning that the dentist has to use another filling material.

How do I get a gold tooth cap dentist near me?

Any general dentist can fit a gold tooth cap by sending your impressions to a dental laboratory. Generally, selecting a gold tooth cap is personal choice, though your dentist may recommend it if you show signs of heavy wear on your teeth. People who opt for non-noble alloys, which combine gold, nickel, and chromium, should be checked for sensitivities for those metals before the crown is fabricated. This is because fabricating a gold crown is more expensive than other materials, like porcelain.

What is the cost of a gold tooth cap?

A typical single gold tooth cap is only around 16 karat, which translates to around 67% real gold. So much of the cost depends on the dentist placing it, and can range from $600 to $1,500, or up to $2,500 with no insurance. This isn’t much different from other types of dental crown materials, so cost should not have much impact on you choice for a gold tooth cap.


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