six months smiles
6 month smiles vs Invisalign cost
As an adult looking to straighten your teeth, correct your smile, and lead a more confident life, any hearsay of how six month smiles ruined my teeth or Invisalign reality vs. expectations may have a significant...
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braces guard
Can you wear a mouth guard with braces?
Dental professionals recommend that athletes with braces wear a mouth guard over their dental appliances when taking part in a contact sport, including during practice. People with braces can also wear...
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braces tmj
Can braces make TMJ worse?
The benefits of Invisalign and braces are well known and documented. Yet, there may be concerns for patients with pain in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) using their orthodontic appliances. Generally,...
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Invisalign expectation
Quitting Invisalign: Invisalign expectation vs reality
Invisalign braces are advertised as a straightforward, discrete replacement for traditional metal braces, however you might not be aware that your treatment could not go as smoothly as you had thought....
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Invisalign failure rate
Invisalign failure rate
Many patients are skeptical about the effectiveness of Invisalign. But the success rate of Invisalign treatment is around 96%, which means that the failure rate is only 4%, or 1 in every 25 patients. Obviously,...
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eat with invisalign
My dentist told me to eat with Invisalign
With advancements in Invisalign technology today, it is not unusual for dentists to tell their patients to eat with their aligners in, such that they only need to remove them for cleaning. Apparently,...
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ortho teeth movement
Which teeth move first with invisalign?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kzNS2bYoqU Thousands of dentists around the world have successfully used detachable appliances for many years in orthodontic treatment. With the application of mass customization...
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retainers orthodont
If i start wearing my retainer again will my teeth move back?
If you try fitting in your retainers after not wearing them for several months, you will likely find that they don’t fit because your teeth have moved. On the other hand, if you can successfully wear the...
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When can I stop wearing my retainers?
It is critical that you wear your retainers as instructed by your orthodontist after removing your braces, every night without stopping, forever, in order to prevent your teeth from shifting back to their...
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Invisalign kids
Invisalign for 8 year old kids
Kids may need to visit an orthodontist from a young age, especially if they have inherited a dental condition from their parents, like opposing genes. For instance, 8-year-old kids with large teeth from...
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Invisalign vs braces for teenagers
Most people know a relative or friend who wore braces when they were younger. However, as you are certainly aware, orthodontics has made significant strides in recent years, giving you and your teenager...
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Invisalign speed
Invisalign vs braces: which is faster?
While straightening teeth was once a rare treatment for only those with severe dental malocclusion, today it has become more mainstream. With discreet and faster options like Invisalign providing a speedy...
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braces aligners
How does Invisalign fix overbite?
Invisalign is arguably the most recommended orthodontic treatment for overbites.  Recent reports indicate that most cases of mild to moderate overbites can be successfully treated with Invisalign aligners. An...
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How does Invisalign work to move teeth?
Invisalign is a patented orthodontic treatment option that uses a series of clear, removable plastic appliances called aligners to progressively reposition teeth. Research suggests that aligners are nearly...
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Can you switch from braces to Invisalign?
Invisalign has a very high patient satisfaction rating. So, it is not uncommon for patients who started with the more affordable traditional braces to decide to switch to invisalign at the middle of their...
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