Products for gum disease

Maintaining optimal oral hygiene is essential for preventing and managing gum disease. Healthy gums are the foundation of strong teeth and a beautiful smile.

Combating gum disease requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses proper brushing technique with the right toothbrush, effective flossing, mouthwash, and tongue cleaning.

So if you’re looking for some products to help improve your oral hygiene, you can check out some of our recommendations below:

Products for gum disease

A. Electric Toothbrush

Toothbrushes are a fundamental tool in your oral hygiene arsenal, and choosing the right one can make a significant difference in fighting gum disease. An electric toothbrush is highly recommended due to its effectiveness in plaque removal.

These brushes are designed to gently massage teeth and gums, effectively removing plaque. Many models even feature a pressure sensor to alert you if you’re brushing too hard, which can cause gum damage.

Proper brushing technique

Proper brushing technique is vital for maintaining healthy gums:

  • Position your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle where your gums and teeth meet.
  • Angle upwards for upper teeth and downwards for lower teeth.
  • Spend a few seconds on each tooth, paying special attention to the gum line where bacteria tend to accumulate.
  • However, avoid overly aggressive brushing, as it can lead to gum recession, sensitivity, and irreversible damage.

Consider investing in electric toothbrushes like:

1. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 electric toothbrush:

This Sonicare toothbrush is a rechargeable electric toothbrush designed to improve gum health. It utilizes advanced sonic technology with up to 31,000 brush strokes per minute to deeply yet gently remove plaque. The oscillating, pulsating motion effectively cleans along the gumline and between teeth where cavities and periodontal disease start.

Why choose this product?

  • The angled, tapered brush head specifically targets plaque bacteria harboring in pockets along the gumline.
  • Clinical studies found the 5100 model reduced gingivitis and bleeding in just 2 weeks with regular use.
  • Equipped with a pressure sensor that alerts you when brushing too hard to protect enamel and gums.
  • Features a quadpacer and Smartimer to encourage thorough brushing of all areas.
  • Bristles sweep away bacteria and biofilm to treat and prevent gum disease naturally without harsh chemicals.

Convenient and User-Friendly

This ProtectiveClean model offers a streamlined, ergonomic design:

  • Sleek charging glass and travel case for easy portability.
  • Battery charge lasts up to 2 weeks.
  • Brush heads should be replaced every 3 months.
  • Comes with 2 brush heads – one DiamondClean plaque control and one InterCare gum health brush head.

For those seeking to improve gum health and treat early stage gum disease, the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 offers an effective cleaning solution. While a splurge, its capabilities and gum health benefits make it a worthy investment.

2. Oral-B Genius X electric toothbrush with artificial intelligence

The Oral-B Genius X is a premium smart toothbrush that uses artificial intelligence to offer real-time feedback and personalized brushing. It features a round oscillating-rotating brush head that surrounds each tooth for precise cleaning, while leveraging sensors and video recognition for the AI to track brush position and guide you for full coverage. The brush also connects to your smartphone app via Bluetooth to view brushing data.

Sophisticated Design

This Oral-B model boasts a stylish, high-tech look:

  • Features an interactive color display with motivational messages.
  • Includes wireless charging travel case for portability.
  • The Rose Gold edition has a sleek metal handle with rubber grip.

Enhanced Brushing Experience

  • Brushing with the Genius X feels futuristic and effective:
  • Provides visual guidance on pressure and coverage via the app.
  • Customizes routines based on your habits over time.
  • Alerts you when brush head needs replacing.
  • Six modes including intense whitening and sensitive care cater to all needs.

While expensive at over $200, the Genius X offers a uniquely interactive brushing experience. The real-time feedback helps improve techniques for better oral health. An investment for serious brusher looking to upgrade.

B. Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Always opt for toothpaste containing fluoride, as it helps prevent cavities and strengthens tooth enamel. If you have specific concerns like tooth sensitivity or whitening, look for toothpaste formulated to address those issues.

Remember to only spit the excess toothpaste, but not to rinse your mouth immediately after brushing, as it will wash away the beneficial fluoride.

Some great options include:

3. Colgate Total Deep Clean toothpaste

Colgate Total Deep Clean toothpaste provides complete mouth protection by fighting bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums. It contains dual-silica technology and micro-polishers to deeply clean and remove stains, as well as an advanced fluoride formula to strengthen tooth enamel. The paste also features the ingredient triclosan to reduce plaque bacteria and prevent gingivitis. Plus it has a minty taste and tingling sensation when used.

Freshens Breath

  • Along with leaving teeth clean, it also provides long-lasting fresh breath:
  • The triclosan anti-bacterial ingredient fights germs that cause bad breath.
  • Leaves the whole mouth feeling clean and refreshed.
  • Continues working against bacteria between brushings for ongoing freshness.

Easy to Use

  • As part of the Colgate toothpaste family, Total Deep Clean offers familiar benefits:
  • Comes in a household-name brand found at any grocery store.
  • Offered in convenient soft or stand-up paste options.
  • Provides cost-effective oral care value in multi-packs.

Overall, Colgate Total Deep Clean toothpaste is a solid option for anyone seeking complete oral protection from plaque and bad breath. While some may dislike the medicinal taste, the deep clean feeling makes up for it.

4. Colgate Elixir Gum Booster toothpaste

The Colgate Elixir Gum Booster toothpaste is formulated to strengthen gums and improve oral health. It contains stannous fluoride, which clinical studies show reduces gingivitis, plaque, and sensitivity. Additionally, the paste includes antioxidants and botanical ingredients like eucalyptus to soothe inflamed gums, and utilizes polyphosphate to help rebuild weakened gum tissue. This paste does not contain triclosan or bleach.

Tasty Tropical Flavor

Unlike many medicated toothpastes, the Colgate Gum Booster has a pleasant taste:

  • Features a refreshing blend of tropical fruit flavors.
  • The gel formula is not overly foamy.
  • Leaves breath feeling fresh for hours after brushing.
  • No harsh chemical aftertaste.

Easy to Incorporate

As part of the trusted Colgate brand, this specialty toothpaste is easy to add to your routine:

  • Available at most drugstores and grocery stores.
  • Comes in soft or stand-up paste options.
  • Costs only slightly more than regular Colgate paste.

For those seeking extra gum care and sensitivity relief, Colgate Elixir Gum Booster offers an affordable option with a pleasing taste. While results take time, it can strengthen gums and enhance oral health when used regularly.

C. Effective Flossing for Gum Health

Cleaning between your teeth is equally important. Neglecting this step is akin to washing only one side of a dirty dish before using it again. To clean all surfaces, incorporate flossing or interdental brushes into your routine. Aim to floss at least once a day to remove food particles and plaque from between teeth.

Some options to consider include:

5. Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Deep Clean floss

The Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Deep Clean floss is designed to provide a deep, refreshing clean between teeth. Its unique texture combines micro-grooves with two layers to loosen and lift debris from tooth surfaces. It also contains cooling mint oil for an extra fresh, clean sensation along the gumline.

Proven Results

This Oral-B floss goes beyond traditional floss:

  • Removes up to 2X more plaque between teeth than normal unwaxed floss.
  • Shred-resistant floss doesn’t fray and contains tensilium to easily flex and glide between tight teeth.
  • Leaves gums feeling nurtured and refreshed.
  • Continues working between teeth even after flossing to fight plaque buildup.
  • Available in convenient snap-apart individual flossers for on-the-go use.

Trusted Brand

As part of the Oral-B line of oral care products, Pro-Health floss provides proven quality:

  • Oral-B is a leading brand recommended by dental professionals.
  • Available at all major grocery and drug stores.
  • Offers a cost-effective flossing solution.

The unique texture and cooling properties of Oral-B’s Deep Clean floss provide the clean, polished feeling typically after a professional cleaning. An excellent floss choice for optimal oral health.

6. Boka Ela Mint woven dental floss

Boka Ela Mint floss features premium craftsmanship and ingredients. The soft, woven band of high-end cotton threads glide easily between teeth. The dental floss is infused with organic essential oils like peppermint to freshen breath.

Luxurious Sensory Experience

Using Boka floss makes flossing feel like a spa treatment:

  • Unwinds smoothly without shredding or breaking.
  • Refreshing natural mint oils leave a cool, tingling sensation.
  • Free of artificial coatings, dyes, and harsh chemicals.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free manufacturing.
  • Simple paper packaging gives an artisanal vibe.

Good for the Planet

This floss goes beyond oral health to protect the environment:

  • Cotton is sustainably grown, harvested, and processed.
  • Packaging uses recyclable and compostable materials.
  • Company partners with organizations focused on conservation.

While expensive, Boka Ela Mint floss provides an indulgent, eco-friendly, and effective flossing experience. The heavenly minty aroma and silky texture motivate you to floss consistently.

D. The Role of Mouthwash

Mouthwash serves as a breath freshener, but it’s crucial to use it separately from brushing to preserve the benefits of toothpaste. Choose an alcohol-free mouthwash that promotes gum health, such as Colgate Total Gum Health Alcohol Free Mouthwash. For oil pulling enthusiasts, GuruNanda Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil can be a natural and effective option.

7. Colgate Total Gum Health Alcohol Free Mouthwash

The Colgate Total Gum Health mouthwash provides complete protection for teeth and gums without alcohol. It contains cetylpyridinium chloride to fight plaque bacteria; includes fluoride to strengthen enamel and prevent cavities; and also features essential oils to kill germs that cause bad breath. This blend helps minimize gingivitis, bleeding, and swelling of the gums.

Refreshing Formula

This alcohol-free antibacterial rinse leaves a clean, refreshed feeling.

  • Features a bright minty taste that is not overpowering.
  • The formula is non-stinging, even for sensitive mouths.
  • Leaves the whole mouth – teeth, gums, tongue – feeling clean.

Easy to Use

As part of Colgate’s oral care line, this mouthwash is readily available:

  • Sold at grocery and drugstores nationwide.
  • Comes in a large economical 1 liter bottle.
  • Can be used alone or along with other Colgate products.

For those seeking a daily oral rinse that improves gum health and freshens breath, Colgate Total Gum Health is an accessible option. The formula works against plaque without alcohol burn.

8. GuruNanda oil pulling product with coconut oil

GuruNanda Oil Pulling is a 100% natural oral rinse made with pure coconut oil. It contains only cold-pressed, organic extra virgin coconut oil, without any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Coconut oil is well known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties to clean the mouth, and also helps whiten teeth naturally.

Oil Pulling Method

This product utilizes the Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling to clean the mouth:

  • Put 1 tablespoon of oil in mouth and swish for 10-20 minutes.
  • Oil helps pull toxins from the mouth and trap bacteria.
  • Spit oil out (do not swallow) when done swishing.

Mickey D’s Flavor

GuruNanda oil pulling has a pleasant coconut Mickey D’s flavor:

  • Adds natural flavor without compromising ingredients.
  • Covers up plain coconut taste.
  • Leaves mouth feeling extremely clean.

People interested in natural oral care will appreciate GuruNanda’s coconut oil pulling product. With its purified ingredients and efficacious oil pulling technique, it provides a chemical-free way to clean the whole mouth and teeth.

E. Tongue Cleaning

Tongue cleaning might be an overlooked step, but it plays a significant role in maintaining fresh breath and preventing bacterial buildup. Tongue scraping can remove debris and bacteria from your tongue’s crypts, which are prone to trapping unwanted substances.

Some products to consider include:

9. Basic Concepts tongue scraper

Ergonomic Design

This tongue scraper features an ergonomic shape for comfort and control.

  • Curved handle allows you to easily reach the entire tongue.
  • Thumb rests help apply consistent pressure while scraping.
  • Available in 3 stylish metallic color options.

High-Quality Materials

The scraper is crafted from durable stainless steel.

  • Medical grade stainless steel is non-porous to resist bacteria buildup.
  • BPA-free and lead-free for safety.
  • Sturdy construction holds up with repeated use.

Proven Scraper

This simple but effective tool provides a thorough tongue cleaning. 

  • Raised edges get deep into tongue crevices to remove bacteria.
  • Rinses clean easily after each use.
  • Improves bad breath by gently scraping away tongue film.

The ergonomic handle and curved edges of the Basic Concepts tongue scraper allow you to comfortably clean the entire tongue surface. A quality investment for only around $10 to improve oral hygiene.

10. GuruNanda stainless steel tongue scraper

Premium Craftsmanship

The GuruNanda tongue scraper features high-end design and materials. 

  • Sleek, one-piece stainless steel construction.
  • Beveled edges provide optimal scraping ability.
  • Curved ergonomic handle for maneuverability.
  • Includes travel case and cleaning brush.

Proven Results

This scraper effectively cleans the entire tongue:

  • Raised edges reach deep into grooves for bacteria removal.
  • Leaves tongue feeling instantly refreshed and clean.
  • Helps improve bad breath by gently scraping away film.

Quality You Can Trust

GuruNanda is known for excellent wellness products:

  • Specializes in premium yoga equipment and oral care.
  • Focus on sustainable and body-friendly manufacturing.
  • Provides outstanding customer service and support.

Made with care and high-grade stainless steel, the GuruNanda tongue scraper is built to last through years of daily use. A worthwhile investment for better oral hygiene and fresher breath.

Final Note

In conclusion, there are a variety of over-the-counter products that can help manage and improve gum health when used properly.

Antimicrobial rinses with ingredients like cetylpyridinium chloride or chlorhexidine help control bacteria growth and reduce plaque, which contributes to gingivitis.

Toothpastes containing stannous fluoride have been clinically demonstrated to reduce gingivitis, bleeding, and plaque.

Better gum care toothbrushes with tapered bristles can effectively stimulate gums and dislodge bacteria.

While these products can support gum health alongside professional dental cleanings and treatment, they should not replace proper diagnosis and care from a dentist for any persistent gum problems. Working together with your dentist and consistently using recommended gum care products allows you to better manage gum disease risks and symptoms for a healthier mouth.


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