Veneers before and after: small teeth

Do you feel self-conscious about having small or oddly shaped teeth? Veneers offer an excellent way to instantly improve tooth size and symmetry to dramatically enhance your smile.

Here’s a summary of the expectations:

Appearance Expectations

  • Teeth can be lengthened and widened to better match proportions of surrounding teeth
  • Gaps closed for uniform tooth sizes without spaces
  • Misshapen teeth become symmetrical
  • Stains removed for brighter, whiter smile

Process Expectations

  • Two to three dentist visits over a few weeks for treatment
  • Back teeth protected with temporary veneers at first visit
  • Mild reshaping (reduction) of teeth needed to allow veneer bonding
  • Teeth impressions made to craft custom veneers
  • May have temporary veneers for 1-2 weeks during custom fabrication
  • Permanent veneers bonded on at follow-up visit(s)
  • Adjustment period over first few days as you adjust to veneers

Comfort Expectations

  • Adjustment period of a few days getting used to veneers on teeth
  • Mild hot/cold sensitivity at first, resolves within weeks
  • Bite adjustments to ensure proper seating with opposing teeth
  • Learning best ways to eat and clean with veneers

Durability Expectations

  • With proper care, veneers lasts 10-15 years or longer
  • Avoid habits like teeth grinding or nail biting
  • See dentist promptly if a veneer chips or dislodges

By understanding the step-by-step process, you’ll know what to anticipate for the most predictable veneer experience.

What are Dental Veneers?

Veneers are ultra-thin custom made porcelain or composite resin covers that permanently bond directly onto the front surface of teeth. Like a false fingernail for your teeth, veneers can:

  • Correct small, asymmetrical, irregularly spaced or chipped teeth
  • Close minor gaps between teeth
  • Repair uneven worn edges
  • Whiten stained or discolored teeth
  • Mask permanently crooked teeth too severe for braces

Only needing minimal shaving of your natural tooth’s outer enamel, veneers provide amazing smile transformations in just 2-3 visits.

Benefits of Veneers for Small Teeth

Veneers offer the following advantages for those seeking to enlarge small teeth:

  • Extended length – Veneers lengthen the visible part of small teeth for a fuller smile.
  • Broadened width – They widen narrow, peg-shaped teeth.
  • Uniformity – Veneers give consistently sized and shaped teeth.
  • Whiteness – Stained small teeth appear dramatically brighter.
  • Balance – Realign asymmetrical small teeth into harmony with surrounding teeth.
  • Confidence – Veneers bring self-assurance with an enhanced, glowing smile.
  • Durability – When properly bonded, veneers last 10-15 years or more.

Veneers Before and After Transformations

Take a look at some veneer case studies with before and after photos to appreciate the unbelievable improvements possible in tooth size and form:

Case Study #1: Enlarging Tiny Peg Lateral Incisors 

Initially Situation:

This young female had undersized maxillary lateral incisors, commonly called “peg laterals”. Too small compared to her other teeth, these also had uneven edges from prior reshaping attempts.

Veneers Solution:

10 upper veneers were done, transforming the small lateral incisors by recreating their size, length and shape to match her naturally broader central incisors and canines. A uniform width across all upper anteriors was achieved for a beautifully enhanced smile.

Case Study #2: Closing Gaps & Realigning Lower Teeth

Initial Situation:

This middle-aged man presented with irregularly sized small lower front teeth. Gaps existed between each tooth due to improper alignment. The central left incisor overlapped further, while the left canine angle too far inwards.

Veneers Solution:

6 lower veneers gave ideally resized and realigned lower anteriors. Built-up material closed all gaps, with aligned midlines and canine guidance restored. The uniform tooth sizes, shapes and proportions vastly improved his smile aesthetics.

Here is an additional veneer case study example in the same format, this one showing correction of severely worn down teeth:

Case Study #3: Replacing Worn down Edges 

Initial Situation: 

This older man presented with generalized excessive wearing of the edges of all front upper teeth likely from years of grinding and acid erosion. This caused noticeable flatness and transparency near the biting ends of teeth.

Veneers Solution: 

10 maxillary veneers extended his upper teeth lengths closer to their original sizes before wearing occurred. Built up layers replaced lost edges to regain vertical dimension. Restored proportions of anterior teeth enhanced esthetics, function and facial support. The patient could now chew and speak normally without teeth feeling too small.

Veneers can repair various tooth flaws including small teeth, gaps, chips, wearing, discoloration and asymmetry. Each situation presents unique considerations the dentist evaluates before developing the custom treatment plan.

Veneers Consultation for Small Teeth Corrections 

During your first veneers consultation, your dentist will evaluate if you’re a candidate through:

  • Clinical exam of tooth size, spacing, overlap
  • Impressions of your bite (occlusion)
  • 3D digital smile mockups to preview potential outcomes
  • Assessing tooth and gum health to rule out extensive decay or periodontal disease

You’ll then have professional teeth cleaning and may need minor reshaping before taking final impressions. With provided shade selection, highly skilled technicians create intricate veneer models. At placement visits, you’ll have opportunities to preview and give feedback on shape, fit and color before final bonding.

Caring for Veneers on Small Teeth

While durable, veneers can chip or dislodge with excessive stress. Be vigilant after placement about:

  • Avoiding nail-biting, teeth clenching or hard chewing habits
  • Protecting veneers from sharp blows during contact sports
  • Steering clear of super hard foods like candied apples or ice

With proper care and oral hygiene, artistic little veneers can make small teeth look fabulous for over a decade.

Restore Your Best Smile Through the Art of Veneers

If having tiny teeth makes you timid to smile openly, veneers offer an amazing way to gain renewed confidence. As shown in dramatic before and after metamorphoses, veneers beautifully augment and balance small teeth for picture-perfect elegance. Schedule a smile makeover consultation to learn how these “contact lenses for teeth” can transform your smile into its best version to light up any room.


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