Veneers before shaved (Digital veneer smile view simulator)

Considering porcelain veneers to upgrade your smile but want to visualize final results before committing to the tooth reshaping process? Digital smile design technology now allows patients to see their dream smiles taking shape before any irreversible changes occur.

Prior to the actual shaving down of teeth for veneers, you typically have to go through a comprehensive consultation involving digital simulations. This advanced technology enables a preview of potential outcomes, considering factors like tooth shape, size, and color. This means that you can actively participate in designing their dream smiles, providing valuable input.

This collaborative approach ensures a shared understanding between the patient and dentist, fostering confidence in the anticipated results. The process emphasizes informed decision-making, aligning expectations, and achieving personalized, aesthetically pleasing outcomes during the veneer placement journey.

Veneers before shaved

The Consultation Digital Preview before Shaving

1. Performing Comprehensive Smile Analysis:

  • Photographs capture your existing smile from every angle, offering a holistic view.
  • 3D scans precisely capture tooth anatomy and bite alignment, laying the foundation for a detailed analysis.

2. Identifying Improvements:

  • Functional and structural issues are carefully noted, providing insights into necessary enhancements.

3. Digital Smile Design Software:

  • Your data is imported into sophisticated smile design software, a canvas where your unique anatomy takes center stage.
  • Custom digital models are created, allowing for a personalized preview of the enhanced outcomes tailored to your individual features.

4. Variations and Customizations:

  • Witness the transformation before it happens. Explore variations by altering shapes, lengths, widths, correcting overlaps, and closing gaps.
  • Achieve uniformity with virtual whitening and brightening, ensuring your veneers seamlessly blend with the natural aesthetics of your surrounding teeth.

5. Facial Simulation for Realism:

Video imaging may also simulate your own face and expressions with the virtually optimized grin. This helps envision amazing yet realistic enhancements aligned to facial harmony before moving ahead.

This digital preview isn’t just a glimpse into the future; it’s a collaborative tool empowering you to actively participate in designing your dream smile. Envision the possibilities, discuss preferences, and refine your choices before committing to the transformative process of shaving down teeth for veneers. It’s a fusion of artistry and technology, ensuring your journey towards a radiant smile is as informed and personalized as possible.

Diagnostic Mock-ups

Beyond digital renderings, a physical diagnostic mock-up can be created chairside to experience the change:

  • Prototyped veneers applied over existing teeth temporarily with removable material
  • Lets you test drive the look and feel before actual preparation
  • Allows tweaks to shape, length, alignment etc. based on your feedback
  • Gives confidence the final outcome achieves your aesthetic goals before permanent steps

This critical preview stage ensures patients approve enhancements not just in static images but speaking, smiling and through range of motion checking comfort. With consensus reached, preparation and final veneers now imminent.


What is the purpose of the consultation digital preview before getting veneers?

The consultation digital preview serves as a visual roadmap, allowing patients to see potential outcomes, make informed decisions, and actively participate in designing their ideal smiles.

How are existing smiles analyzed during the consultation process?

Photographs are taken from all angles, and 3D scans capture tooth anatomy and bite alignment, providing a comprehensive analysis of the existing smile.

Can the digital preview correct specific issues with my smile?

Yes, the digital modeling can address various concerns, including altering shapes, lengths, widths, correcting overlaps, closing gaps, and achieving uniformity through virtual whitening.

What role does digital smile design software play in the process?

The software imports collected data to create custom digital models, offering a personalized preview of enhanced outcomes tailored to individual anatomy.

How realistic is the digital preview in representing my final results?

Video imaging can simulate your face and expressions with the envisioned grin, providing a realistic preview aligned to facial harmony.

Can I discuss preferences and make changes during the digital preview stage?

Absolutely. The digital preview is a collaborative tool, empowering patients to discuss preferences, refine choices, and actively participate in the design process.

How does the digital preview help in matching veneers to surrounding teeth hues?

The software allows for color matching, ensuring veneers seamlessly blend with the natural aesthetics of surrounding teeth for a harmonious result.

Is the digital preview mandatory, or can I proceed without it?

While not mandatory, the digital preview is highly recommended as it provides a clear visual understanding of potential outcomes, minimizing surprises and enhancing patient satisfaction.

How long does the consultation digital preview process typically take?

The duration varies but generally takes a reasonable amount of time during the consultation appointment to capture necessary data and create the digital models.

Can the digital preview be adjusted based on my feedback and preferences?

Yes, the digital preview is a dynamic tool that allows for adjustments based on patient feedback and preferences, ensuring a collaborative and personalized approach.

Final Thoughts

With diagnostic previews providing a vision of the final result, patients can confidently approve moving forward with the preparation step knowing what to expect both during the process itself and for the foreseeable future with their upgraded smile.


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