Where can i buy acrylic resin glue for dentures?

Acrylic resin glue is a type of dental glue that is crafted specifically for denture wearers. Its primary purpose is to securely anchor dentures in place, preventing them from slipping or moving uncomfortably.

This glue comes in various forms, including paste in tubes and ready-to-use adhesive strips, catering to different preferences. Acrylic resin glue is notable for its combination of strength, lightweight nature, and flexibility, making it well-suited for denture applications.

You can easily find acrylic resin glue at local pharmacies and drugstores, and it’s also readily available for purchase online from denture manufacturers, dental labs, and even e-commerce stores like Amazon, as either single pieces or in larger quantities.

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Where can i buy acrylic resin glue for dentures

What is acrylic resin glue for dentures?

Acrylic resin glue is a special adhesive used for repairing cracks, breaks, and loose teeth in dentures.

Here are some key points about how it works and how to use it:

Made specifically for acrylic dentures

It is formulated to bond to the pink acrylic base of the denture. Regular super glues won’t properly adhere to the acrylic.

Creates a strong repair

The acrylic glue creates a tight, durable bond that holds denture repairs in place securely. It hardens to brace cracks and rebuild broken areas.

Ideal for minor fixes

It works best for small fractures, loose or missing teeth, and other minor damage. For major breaks, a dental lab usually needs to redo the denture.

Easy to apply

The glue comes in a tube with a thin nozzle tip. You simply squeeze out a small amount and spread it thinly across the repair area. Press parts together firmly for 30 seconds to bond.

Sets quickly

Acrylic denture glues set fully in just 3-5 minutes. The bond reaches maximum strength in about 15-30 minutes. Allow full curing time before wearing dentures.

Smooth excess for comfort

After glue has hardened, use a nail file or emery board to smooth down any excess so it doesn’t irritate your gums.

Allows dentures to remain usable

Used properly, acrylic resin glue can temporarily restore and extend the functionality of damaged dentures while waiting to get professional dental repairs.

Acrylic Resin for Dentures

Acrylic resins have emerged as the preferred choice for crafting denture bases and removable dental devices. Their unique polymer chain reactions create bonds that minimize shrinkage, heat dispersion, and mold leakage. These properties make acrylic resins a standout candidate for denture construction due to their exceptional strength, aesthetic appeal, and ease of processing.

Aesthetic quality and dimensional stability

The innate appearance and dimensional stability of acrylic resins contribute to their ability to resist the growth of bacteria and withstand oral fluids. While not as robust as porcelain in terms of strength, acrylic’s repairability makes it a practical choice, especially for individuals with limited budgets. 

Selecting the right acrylic resin involves careful material comparison and understanding the chemical transformations that occur during polymerization, as these factors influence the final product and patient satisfaction.

Acrylic Resins vs. Porcelain

While porcelain boasts greater durability and strength, it’s more susceptible to scratching and breakage compared to acrylic. Acrylic forms the base of most dentures, and it offers a distinct advantage: porcelain teeth cannot be bonded to an acrylic denture base. 

Moreover, acrylic applies less pressure to teeth and gums, making it ideal for patients with bone loss, as it provides support without causing discomfort. Cleaning may be more challenging due to its porous nature, but it’s less prone to breakage during the cleaning process than porcelain.

Types of Acrylic Resins for Dentures

Several types of acrylic resins are available, each with its own unique attributes:

Heat-Cure Resin

Combining powder and liquid components triggers a chemical reaction through heat energy, resulting in a solid resin. This type experiences reduced polymerization shrinkage due to polymethyl methacrylate granules. Although it’s volatile and flammable, the polymer powder is stable and has an indefinite shelf life.

Cold-Cure Resin

Similar in chemistry to heat-cure resin, cold-cure’s curing process is initiated by tertiary amine instead of heat. It offers higher strength properties but is more prone to discoloration and viscosity-related challenges.

Pour-and-Cure Resin

While less common, pour-and-cure resins excel in reproducing surface detail. However, they may not match the quality of heat and cold cures.

Visible Light Cure Resin

Boasting biocompatibility, low bacterial adherence, and easy manipulation, this type’s chemistry resembles composite restoratives. It features acrylic beads that integrate into the structure upon curing, with improved impact strength and resistance to brittleness.

Where can i buy acrylic resin glue for dentures?

Here are a few options for buying acrylic resin glue for dentures:

Dental supply stores

Many dental supply companies sell denture repair kits and adhesives. Some well-known brands include Lang Dental, Pearson Dental, and Protech Professional. You can check the websites or call local stores to see if they carry denture glue.


Some drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid have denture adhesive products in their oral care aisles. Popular brands include Fixodent, Poligrip, and Effergrip.

Online retailers

Amazon, Walmart, and other major online retailers sell denture adhesives from various brands. This can be a convenient option for home delivery. Search for “denture glue” or “denture adhesive” to see options.

Denture manufacturers

Companies that make dentures like Dentsply Sirona and GC America also produce corresponding denture adhesives. You may be able to purchase them directly through the company website or via a dental provider.

Dental labs

If you get your dentures custom made, the dental lab may sell or recommend an adhesive like Permabond that is specifically formulated to work with the materials they use. Check with your dental lab.

The key is finding an acrylic-based adhesive that is designed for dentures and partials. Read reviews to find one that provides a strong hold throughout the day. Let me know if you need any other recommendations!

Acrylic Resin Denture Repair Kits from Amazon

Here are some top-rated acrylic resin glues for dentures that are available on Amazon:

1. Instant Smile Multi Purpose Denture Repair Kit

This is an all-in-one denture repair product designed for quick fixes and adjustments at home. The main component is a self-curing acrylic adhesive that can firmly re-attach broken teeth, fill cracks, and rebuild damaged areas on partials and full dentures. It can also help stabilize and strengthen the bond of loose or ill-fitting teeth in the denture base.

The Instant Smile kit provides an easy way for wearers to perform minor denture repairs at home between dental visits. The acrylic adhesive offers a temporary solution for damage or fit issues.

2. Cushion Grip Denture Bonding Kit

Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive is a product designed to help refit and tighten loose dentures. It is a pliable, moldable plastic material that softens when heated. This allows it to be molded and customized to dentures. By applying it to loose dentures, it fills gaps and creates a tight seal for a more secure, comfortable fit.

Here are some key features:

  • Adjusts and refits dentures – It can be molded over loose or ill-fitting dentures to reshape and realign them for proper fit and function.
  • Relines dentures – The moldable adhesive will reline the denture surface that contacts the gums, improving retention.
  • Tightens loose teeth – It flows around loose teeth to provide added grip and stabilize them within the denture base.
  • Comfortable cushion – Provides a soft, cushiony lining that protects gums from irritation and abrasion from loose dentures.
  • At-home application – Comes with detailed instructions allowing denture wearers to adjust and reline their dentures at home.
  • Temporary solution – While not a permanent fix, it can provide a temporary tightening of dentures while waiting to see a dentist.
  • Can be removed – As it is an adhesive, Cushion Grip can be taken out and reapplied as needed for continued denture adjustments.

Overall, it offers an accessible way for denture wearers to manage looseness issues from home. But regular dental visits are still recommended for permanent denture repairs and relines when necessary.

3. Pearl Denture Repair Kit

All-in-one kit with acrylic adhesive, applicators, wax, and detailed instructions. Designed for home use, the kit comes with a quick-bonding acrylic glue formulated specifically for denture repairs, and can firmly reattach broken teeth, fill in cracks, and rebuild damaged sections of the denture base.

Here are some key features:

  • Secures loose teeth – Can help tighten and stabilize loose or ill-fitting false teeth by bonding them again to the base.
  • Detailed instructions – Provides clearly illustrated steps for completing various types of denture repairs properly at home.
  • Portable case – Kit comes in a plastic case to keep all the repair supplies organized in one place.
  • Affordable price – Offers a budget-friendly solution for quick denture repairs compared to remaking dentures.

The all-in-one Pearl Repair Kit has the adhesive, tools, and instructions denture wearers need to do minor adjustments, repairs, and relines themselves between dental visits. It’s an accessible option to temporarily fix or improve denture issues at home.

NB: Be sure to check customer reviews and product details to verify the adhesive is designed for acrylic dentures. Follow instructions carefully for best results.

Acrylic Resin Denture Glues from Dental Labs

Several top-notch acrylic resin products cater to denture repair and fabrication needs:

1. Lucitone 199 by Dentsply Sirona

Type: Heat-Cured Resin


  • High Aesthetics: Lucitone 199 is formulated to provide dentures with a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Impact Resistance: This resin exhibits a remarkable ability to withstand impacts and daily wear, ensuring the durability of the dentures.
  • Flexural Strength: Lucitone 199 boasts excellent flexural strength, ensuring the dentures can withstand the forces of chewing and speaking.
  • Versatile Shades: Available in various shades, it allows for customization to match individual patient preferences.
  • Industry Standard: Lucitone 199 has set a benchmark for denture acrylic resins due to its exceptional qualities and reliability.

2. Tokuyama Rebase II Fast

Type: Reline, Heat-Curing Material


  • Quick Adaptation: Tokuyama Rebase II Fast is designed for efficient adaptation, reducing the time needed for intra-oral insertion during the mixing process.
  • Comfortable Fit: Its formulation contributes to a more comfortable fit within the mouth, enhancing patient comfort during denture wear.
  • Reduced Heat Generation: This material minimizes heat generation during the curing process, preventing discomfort for the patient.
  • Odor Reduction: Tokuyama Rebase II Fast is engineered to have less odor during the adaptation and curing phases, improving the overall experience.

3. Nature-Cryl Pour Base & Repair Resin by GC America:

Type: Pour-and-Cure Acrylic Resin


  • Versatile Applications: Nature-Cryl Pour Base & Repair Resin offers versatility, suitable for dental base processing, relining, and repairing.
  • Fluid Resin Techniques: This resin is ideal for fluid resin techniques, providing dental professionals with multiple applications within one material.
  • Orthodontic Use: The flask invested with hydrocolloid or alginate makes it applicable for orthodontic appliances and retainers.
  • Color Variations: Available in various shades, from clear to light reddish pink, allowing customization for different patient needs.

4. Unifast Trad Acrylic Resin by GC America:

Type: Self-Curing Resin


  • Speed and Efficiency: Unifast Trad Acrylic Resin is specifically designed for short-term dental provisions, offering quick and efficient curing times.
  • Bubble-Free Mixing: Its formulation aims to provide a bubble-free mixture, ensuring a smooth and uniform application process.
  • Suitable for Various Provisions: While geared towards short-term dental applications, it offers versatility in meeting a range of dental needs.

5. Jet Tooth Self Cure Acrylic Resin by Lang Dental:

Type: Self-Curing Resin


  • Wide Shade Range: Jet Tooth Self Cure Acrylic Resin offers a broad spectrum of shades, providing dental professionals with options for customization.
  • Temporary Restoration: Its self-curing properties make it a suitable choice for temporary crown and bridge restorations.
  • Excellent Surface Detail: This resin provides excellent surface detail in the final product, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Final Thoughts

These acrylic resin options highlight the diversity and flexibility in materials available for denture construction, repair, and maintenance. Dentists can choose the best option based on patient needs, application requirements, and desired outcomes.


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