How to Fix Your Own Dentures

Dentures can develop issues like cracking, chipping, staining, or becoming loose over time. While professional denture repair is best, there are some temporary at-home fixes:

  • For cracks or chips, denture glue or an over-the-counter denture repair kit can be used to fill holes and bond pieces together. 
  • Loose dentures may benefit from reapplying denture adhesive or using cushioned strips to improve fit.
  • There are various methods to remove stains or discoloration from dentures, including soaking them in various commercial and homemade cleaning solutions, or even denture cleaner tablets, for a few minutes or overnight as instructed by the manufacturer. 
  • Ill-fitting dentures, including partials, can sometimes be tightened at home using a carefully placed adjustable soft reline material inside the base.

Learn more about denture repair glue, adhesives, reliners, and annual checkups:

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While these DIY solutions may temporarily help, it’s always best to see a denturist or prosthodontist for professional denture repairs and adjustments. They can properly realign bite, replace broken teeth, rebase ill-fitting dentures, and regularly clean and polish them. 

Search for “denture repair near me” to find a specialist that offers repairs, relines, and adjustments for a properly functioning set of dentures.

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